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First Grade Schoolchildren Received Gifts from CPC

The CPC to First Grade Schoolchildren annual event was held in the Astrakhan Region, Republic of Kalmykia, Stavropol Krai and Krasnodar Krai. This year due to certain restrictions caused by COVID-19 pandemic, implementation of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium’s charity program had unique features. More than 11 thousand first graders in Russian regions crossed by the Tengiz – Novorossiysk main pipeline received traditional gifts from CPC - light, easy and high-capacity schoolbags with complete set of required school accessories. However, to minimize the virus spread risks the transfer of schoolkits mostly took place without direct contact with children.
The kits for first grade schoolchildren consisted of notebooks and writing instruments, tools and materials for moulding and drawing, fan-shaped lettersets and digitsets, pencil case, bag for school shoes and other gear for little travelers to the Land of Knowledge.  The cost of the gift set totaled RUR 2,750, and parents of first grade schoolchildren noted an important support for family budgets.
‘We wish to express our deep gratitude to CPC-R for establishing the CPC to First Grade Schoolchildren 2020 charity program’, Maria, mother of Ivan Ogly, a first year pupil of School 39, wrote to the CPC Western Region’s office in Krasnodar. ‘Multicolor pencils and marker pens, interesting cylinder-shaped pencil case and its content, bright color paper and cardboard - all these will be inevitably useful for my first year pupil. But the most important thing is the schoolbag. Like every mom, I carefully monitor my son’s posture. The schoolbag has a rigid back, is easy to handle, of blue color pretty to look at, light - all these factors are of great importance for beginning schoolchildren.’
‘Over many years the Caspian Pipeline Consortium has been providing regular support to first year schoolchildren of our district’ says Gilyana Alaeva, the 1B class homeroom teacher at the N.S. Manjiev Secondary School (Republic of Kalmykia). ‘Every year our boys and girls receive as a gift schoolbags with all necessary school accessories. On my own behalf and on behalf of all teachers and parents, all our kids I wish to express deep gratitude to the CPC management for their support and assistance to us and our pupils’.
The CPC to First Grade Schoolchildren program has been implemented in the CPC host areas since 2009. Starting from 2018 every schoolkit contain a greeting card with the CPC General Director’s message. On 1 September, when first grade pupils will enter classrooms for the first time, they will be greatly assisted by high-quality schoolkits donated by the Caspian Pipeline Consortium.