CPC guarantees efficient and environmentally safe movement of crude oil

The Project is designed to increase the trunk pipeline capacity

HSE Policy

This POLICY covers all CPC activities in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is in line with other CPC policies being an integral part of our management system. In its operations CPC is governed by principles assuring safe work, environmental protection and respect of communities where CPC has its facilities designed, constructed and operated.

CPC strives to take the leading positions in the industry and undertakes the following commitments that apply to all CPC employees, contractors and subcontractors:

  • We commit to comply with the requirements of the current health, safety and environmental legislation of the Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan, international standards and rules, and meet, wherever possible, more rigid requirements set by the Company itself.
  • We strive to continuously enhance the efficiency of the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management System.
  • We commit to ensure occupational health and safety of our employees by prevention of incidents and occupational diseases, as well as we will continue looking for possibilities of minimizing our facilities' impact on environment and people’s health by implementation of advanced equipment and technologies, process and environmental control, internal audits and a high level of provision of our facilities with emergency response resources and equipment.
  • We state that our risks related to CPC impact on health of its personnel, contractors, visitors, local residents and environment are constantly analyzed and mitigated, and they form the foundation for a comprehensive approach to management of main operational processes, design, construction and procurement. We maintain close relations with our suppliers and contractors so that they share our approach and act in accordance with our requirements.
  • We commit to cooperate in a constructive manner with all our stakeholders to achieve mutual understanding of related business interests. We state that our HSE achievements are open and transparent for all stakeholders.
  • We ensure that people are clear in what is expected of them by ensuring their position has clear roles and responsibilities. We continually seek opportunities for people to broaden their experience and develop their professional skills. We commit to consult our Company employees and involve them to participate in all elements of the Health, Safety and Environment Management System.

CPC continuously demonstrates in real life the fulfillment of its commitments under this Policy that improves the Company's image and enhances HSE culture.