Caspian Pipeline Consortium loaded the first tanker at the Marine Terminal on October 13, 2001. Since 2001 until November 30, 2018 about 577 million tons of crude oil was shipped for export and over 5400 tankers left the single point moorings (SPM’s).

In 2018, the CPC Marine Terminal, which from the very beginning and currently operates like clockwork, once again became an award in the nominations: Grand Prix, Environmental Safety and Transshipment Giants.

The CPC oil pipeline enables shippers to transport crude oil to the word markets in the most reliable and cost efficient way as compared to alternative options.

The trunk oil pipeline accepts crude oil from different oil fields and with different properties. Averaging of crude oil quality in the pipeline stream resulting from such mixture hinders adequate accounting of the raw material specific indicators.

The Oil Quality Bank functioning in the CPC system from 2002 is a mechanism of penalty and compensatory payments by/to crude oil producers depending on quality of the crude they deliver into the oil pipeline system.