CPC Debottlenecking Program

CPC Debottlenecking Program (DBNP) is a set of separate projects combined into a single Program implemented in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan with an objective of optimizing the current capacities of CPC Crude Oil Pipeline System. The Program delivery will enable a flexible operation of injection points and allow for transportation of extra crude oil volumes (up to 72.5 MTA in RoK and up to 82 MTA in RF) with an optimal number of DRA at relevant pipeline operating factors. For example: At the CPC Marine Terminal, after the completion of the implementation of DBNP facilities, the maximum loading capacity increases to 33,000 m3/h. The Program also includes a range of projects aimed at improving of CPC Crude Oil Pipeline System reliability level upon crude oil transportation volumes increase.

The Debottlenecking Program logically derives from CPC Expansion Project successfully completed in 2018 and is intended to enhance the shippers’ satisfaction while maintaining the high standards of safety and reliability of CPC Crude Oil Pipeline System.

The Consortium is fully managing the projects of Debottlenecking Program through the own efforts. A separate management structure has been set up for these purposes to include the highly qualified specialists, many of them have worked at the Expansion Project before and are familiar with the Company facilities. Construction and Installation Management Offices have been established and fully staffed in all CPC regions to ensure control over the work at construction sites.

To ensure the integrity of all the processes, standardization of equipment and technical solutions used by the Consortium, the Base Business staff from all the Company’s units have been involved in implementation of DBNP projects.