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Charity Programs

Quite often community-related investments are targeted at the local public in communities in which the company does its business. CPC has for fifteen years been providing assistance to disabled people, war veterans, orphan children and other unprotected groups of the public, implementing many projects to support and develop education, health care, community culture and infrastructure in populated centers located in areas crossed by the CPC pipeline.

Social Programs

CPC to Veterans

On the eve of the Victory Day festival events of the “CPC to Veterans” charitable program that has become customary for local communities are held in all RF regions along the pipeline route.


CPC gives food gift basket and valuable gifts to Great Patriotic War veterans and rear workers, other war veterans and equal groups of citizens and handicapped. In regional centers ceremonial dinners with on-stage performances are arranged for veterans to express profound and sincere gratitude for their heroic deeds for the sake of peace on our planet.




CPC to First Graders


CPC launched its charitable program “CPC to First Graders” in 2009; and every year prior to the first school day more than 8,000 first graders from low-income families receive school backpacks with all required accessories from CPC in all regions where the CPC pipeline runs.





New Year with CPC


Starting from 1997 “New Year with CPC” events including NY stage performances and X-mas presents to orphans and senior citizens have been held in orphanages, senior centers and other social institutions along the CPC pipeline route in Kazakhstan and Russia. Congratulations of Father Frost and Snow Maiden, great performances and beautifully decorated X-mas gifts make a lasting impression and excite joy.