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Gubkin Oil & Gas University ‘Big Academic’ Lecture Hall renovated with CPC support

On March 1, 2018, Nikolay Gorban, Caspian Pipeline Consortium General Director, and Victor Martynov, President, Gubkin Oil & Gas University,  officially opened the university’s Big Academic Lecture Hall after renovation. The ceremony was also attended by the international consortium’s shareholders representing the world's leading oil & gas companies.
The renovation of the Bid Academic Lecture Hall was performed using CPC’s charity funds. The consortium allocated almost RUR 32 million to have the lecture hall renovated and furnished with multimedia equipment. The renovation scope also included restoring natural lighting in the lecture hall (by pulling down blind walls in the room) in strict compliance with the original concept developed by Boris Iofan, a famous Soviet architect, whose design was used to build the university building.
The Big Academic Lecture Hall is one of the principal shift classrooms in the university. Its renovation and equipment to modern standards help make the educational process more effective, offering new capabilities to professors and more comfort to educators and students.