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On the Occasion of the First RK President Day - New School from CPC

A new school built using the sponsor funds of Caspian Pipeline Consortium-K was opened on December 1, 2017 in the settlement of Kurylys, Indersky District, Atyrau Oblast. Alibek Nautiyev, Deputy Akim, Atyrau Oblast, took part in the ceremony, which coincided with the Kazakhstan First President Day.
Until today, the children of Kurylys had lessons in a ramshackle single-story building of the old school. The total area of the new school is 1,636 square meters. The school territory is fully developed, there is block pavement in front of the school. The two-story building has subject classrooms, school gymnasium, library, school hall, canteen, teachers' common room, first medical aid room. Now the arts and crafts will become for children genuinely fascinating: The girls will learn sewing in the sewing classroom, and the boys now have their own workshop where they will acquire labor skills.