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Novorossiysk Healthcare centers support

On February 9th, an official ceremony was held in Novorossiysk to give state-of-the-art equipment to five healthcare centers. This event was a product of the social partnership of the hero-city and Caspian Pipeline Consortium.

The donated cutting-edge medical equipment with a total cost of over 28 million rubles includes surgical and endoscopic sets, laboratory devices, a digital radiography unit, Holter-monitoring system, endoscopic devices, a mobile fluorography device, and a multi-purpose U/S device. This equipment ensuring better-quality high-tech medical care was given to City Hospital №1, Children’s City Hospital, Children’s City Outpatient Clinic, City Outpatient Clinic №7 in Verkhnebakansky Settlement, and Outpatient Clinic №2 in Tsemdolina Settlement.

Healthcare centers support is a prioritized objective of CPC-R’s social policy. The Company has been providing charity support to healthcare centers of Novorossiysk for over 10 years. Over the last five years, CPC-R has purchased medical equipment for over 94 million rubles which has enabled the healthcare centers to expand their range of traumatology, surgery, neurosurgery, urology procedures, and master new surgical methods.