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Schoolchildren From Starokucherganovka Village Received a Modern Recreation Center

Sports and Recreation Center (SRC) constructed thanks to the funds allocated by Caspian Pipeline Consortium under the Expansion Project opened its doors on the 15th of October in Starokucherganovka village, Narimanovsky District, Astrakhan Oblast. CPC-R allocated 60 million Rubles for construction of two Sports and Recreation Centers (SRC) in Narimanovsky District (in Starokucherganovka village and the town of Narimanov).

 Radik Kharisov, Deputy Chairman of Astrakhan Oblast Government – Minister of Industry, Transport and Natural Resources of Astrakhan Oblast, Heads of Administrations of the Districts where CPC-R operation facilities are located and the Consortium Management participated in the ceremony to open the sports facility.

Construction of the SRC with the total area of 1,400 m started in November 2014. And less than a year later the children from Starokucherganovka received their own sports and recreation center built in accordance with all up-to-date standards. The Sports and Recreation Center includes a 36x18 m gym hall for court sports, wrestling, rhythmic sportive gymnastics, table tennis, box and fitness rooms. A medical room is also provided.

All work was performed in compliance with the current legislative requirements and standards. In accordance with the design the adjacent territory was also developed.