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CPC for Traffic Safety

On the Caspian Pipeline Consortium initiative and with the CPC financial support, an educational program “CPC for Road Traffic Safety” was accomplished in Ptichye village, Stavropol Krai, and Abrau-Dyurso and Glebovka settlements near Novorossiysk from September through October this year. Junior schoolchildren of general education schools (over 500 children totally) took part in the program events.

The program objective is not only increasing young pedestrians’ road traffic safety knowledge but also developing correct road behavior skills and increasing vigilance of children and their parents. Ultimately, this will allow to minimize the risk of road traffic accidents with children involvement in the areas of the CPC pipeline running and the Expansion Project facilities construction.

During two months, theoretical and practical classes were given at schools on essentials of correct road behavior and necessary skills were worked out in a form of a game. The program events included also a creative drawing contest “Me and My Road to School”, an essay contest on the topic “Human Being. Automobile. Road”, a photo contest “Life on the Road”, etc.

The program was completed with final festivities in the course of which authors of the best works received souvenirs from the consortium. Each participant in the program was given a special waistcoat tailored of a reflective material and a flicker with CPC logo that make people noticeable on the road even in the hours of darkness.

For reference: Approximately 1,500 underage road users die and over 20,000 suffer injuries on roads in Russia each year. Over half of them are schoolchildren at the age of 7-14 years.

A pilot project of the “CPC for Road Traffic Safety” program successfully started in Staromyshastovskaya Settlement, Dinskiy District, Krasnodar Krai, in 2013.