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The Project is designed to increase the trunk pipeline capacity

CPC to acquire an angiograph for Aleksandro-Mariinsky Regional Clinical Hospital in Astrakhan

A charity agreement for the purchase of an angiographic X-ray unit was signed by Nikolay Gorban, General Director of Caspian Pipeline Consortium, and Astrakhan Oblast Governor Aleksandr Zhilkinin in Astrakhan on 15 March 2018. Under this charity agreement brand-new equipment of about RUR 45 million will be supplied to the Aleksandro-Mariinsky Regional Clinical Hospital.
The Aleksandro-Mariinsky Regional Clinical Hospital that is one of the major multi-field healthcare centers in the region provides specialist care to patients with acute cardiovascular diseases. The Hospital has the only vascular surgery department in the region.
The new angiographic unit will not only be used to perform urgent stent angioplasty, but will also enable coronary angiography for early coronary artery risk detection, life-saving endovascular micro-embolization, a number of urgent surgeries or help to provide care where it may be needed.
Specialists emphasize that this equipment will allow them to fight cardiovascular diseases and mortality rates and develop high-tech specialist care in the region.