CPC guarantees efficient and environmentally safe movement of crude oil

The Project is designed to increase the trunk pipeline capacity

CPC to Kuban Social Infrastructure

​Medical equipment was handed over to district hospitals on December 22, 2021, in Kuban. Mikhail Grishankov, CPC Deputy General Director, RF Government Relations and Anna Minkova, Krasnodar Krai Deputy Governor, attended the ceremony.

Central hospitals in Korenovsky, Dinsky, Kavkazsky and Krymsky District received high-end imaging endoscopic systems Pentax EPK 3000 to enhance their health care infrastructure. The systems include a high-definition video processor with flexible endoscopes, screens, tools for endoscopic tasks, diagnostics, treatment, visualization, and specialized endoscopic examination.

The charity project, which CPC donated around 16 million rubles, is yet another contribution to the enhancement of rural health care, including early diagnosis of cancer and other deadly diseases.

For reference: support of healthcare institutions has become a priority area of charitable assistance of JSC "CPC-R" in connection with the current epidemiological situation. Only in 2020, 13 modern lung ventilators, 10 ambulances, as well as laboratory equipment for the Children's City Clinical Hospital of Krasnodar for a total amount of more than 100 million rubles were purchased and transferred to Kuban doctors.

CPC has been implementing charity projects in Krasnodar Krai from 1998. Over 1.1 billion rubles has been given to charity over this time (excluding social projects in Novorossiysk).​​​​