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CPC for Stavropol healthcare institutions

On 22 November 2017, CPC General Director Nikolay Gorban and Stavropol Region Governor Vladimir Vladimirov have taken part in a formal handover of 21 ambulances to the region’s healthcare institutions. The consortium allocated almost 44 mln rubles to purchase the specialist transport vehicles with all necessary equipment.
The ambulances were received by the Stavropol Region Clinical Hospital, the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, the Regional Clinical Cardiologic Dispensary, the Apanasenkovskaya District Hospital named after N.I. Palchikov, and also the Turkmenskaya, Trunovskaya, Novoalexandrovskaya, Ipatovskaya and Izobilnenskaya District Hospitals.
In addition, Nikolay Gorban and Vladimir Vladimirov handed over certificates for medical equipment for a total amount of over 24 mln rubles to the healthcare institutions of the Ipatovskiy and Izobilnenskiy districts.
The Ipatovskaya District Hospital was given 10 medical equipment units, including a multipurpose ultrasonic scanner, an artificial lung ventilation apparatus, an electrosurgical apparatus – an electrocoagulator, a hematologic analyzer, disinfection devices, etc.
The Izobilnenskaya District Hospital was given 17 special and medial equipment units, including multipurpose ultrasonic scanners and a wide range of ophthalmologic equipment.