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Ambulances for Kalmykia

On October 24, 2017 Republic of Kalmykia Head Alexey Orlov and CPC General Director Nikolay Gorban handed over the ambulances to the Republican Disaster Medicine Center.
In total 9 ambulances were handed over on October 24, 2017, which were bought using the charity funds of the International Consortium: 8 Class B vehicles and a Class A vehicle for the total value of almost 20 M Rubles. As a note, the Class A vehicles allow to transport patients, who do not require emergency aid during the transportation, together with medical staff. Class B vehicles provide for an opportunity of rendering emergency medical aid by a physician (paramedic) team during patient transportation and monitoring their condition at the stage of delivering them to an inpatient medical institution.
Specialized vehicles are supplied with all necessary equipment: monitor defibrillators, 3-lead ECG, equipment for controlled ventilation and assisted respiration, pulse-oxygen machines, glucose express metering instruments and other instrumentation.