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CPC guarantees efficient and environmentally safe movement of crude oil

The Project is designed to increase the trunk pipeline capacity

Tender 6059-OD

Bids for this Tender are accepted exclusively in electronic format.
The procedure for electronic submission is described in the Instruction to Bidders provided as a separate file in the bottom part of the Tender card.

Notice of an open one-stage tender for the right to enter into an agreement for the "Repair of paint and heat insulation coating of fire water storage tanks TF 41-TK-G001/G002, SF 42-TK-G001/G002, potable water tanks TF 41-TK-N001A/B, SF 42-TK-N001A/B, untreated water tank SF 42-VE-N001"

*To obtain an access to a tender documentation package for a single-stage tender with prior authorization (to be advised thereof in the Notice) it is necessary to send by e-mail a respective letter to CPC Contact Person and CPC Tender Board Secretary (the letter template is given in the Notice).