CPC guarantees efficient and environmentally safe movement of crude oil

The Project is designed to increase the trunk pipeline capacity

CPC To Hero City

The Consortium supports development of health care, education, culture and sports in Novorossiysk

For over 20 years, the Caspian Pipeline Consortium has been pumping oil from Western Kazakhstan and our country territory to its Marine Terminal located on the Black Sea shore. Presence of the largest transportation company in the south of Russia is noticeable to residents of four constituent entities of the Russian Federation, among other things thanks to its large-scale charity projects. CPC pays particular attention to Novorossiysk where the final point of its pipeline system is located.

CPC Marine Terminal in Yuzhnaya Ozereevka is the Consortium’s largest operation facility. This neighborhood, in addition to stable employment of the population and attraction of highly qualified personnel, provides the city with timely budget replenishment in the form of taxes, participation of a significant number of local contractors and service organizations in the construction and operation of facilities. Thus, just under the investment project to upgrade the Marine Terminal facilities which is being implemented in 2021-2024 the Consortium invests 9.2 billion rubles in the Municipality’s territories. Over 40 contractors and subcontractors, the majority of which represent Krasnodar Krai, have been engaged in the construction.

Closely cooperation with the Hero city’s administration, the Consortium consistently and regularly implements charitable programs aimed at supporting and developing health care, education, culture and sports. The Company actively promotes cultural events, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, strengthening the educational and creative potential of younger generations, environmental education, and support for disabled people.

According to public opinion polls, local residents see upgrade of health-care facilities and improvement of their equipment as the city's priority task. The city's longtime partner was not immune to this challenge. In 2023, CPC designed, constructed and furnished with modern medical equipment, furniture and appliances a general practitioner's office (GPO) in Yuzhnaya Ozereevka and two paramedic-midwife stations (PMS) in Vasilievka and Severnaya Ozereevka villages. The international Consortium allocated about 100 million rubles towards these facilities. In August 2023, it proceeded to construction of another mini-polyclinic - a GPO in Glebovka village.

To cite one figure: since 2015, the Consortium has invested over 300 million of its own funds in the city’s health care sphere. The medical projects include: reconstruction of Municipal outpatient clinic No.2, provision of modern equipment to Municipal hospital No.1, Children municipal hospital, Perinatal center, Clinical and Diagnostic Center and a number of other medical and preventive treatment facilities.

Responding to the citizens' demand for a comfortable and modern urban environment, in recent years the Consortium has purchased a variety of specialized vehicles for road infrastructure maintenance. Vehicle supply was also important to Krasnodar Krai as a whole, as in the summer season there is a large flow of motor tourists traveling through Novorossiysk to the coastline

Speaking about the infrastructure projects, the recent commissioning of five children playgrounds in Glebovka rural okrug should also be mentioned. The design of four more has been completed. They all have been constructed according to the principle of a barrier-free environment, and the materials are designed for operation in the highly corrosive conditions of the seaside strip.

Another vital area for the CPC is participation in social support to certain categories of the population within the framework of traditional projects: CPC to First Graders and New Year and Christmas Together with CPC. Thus, in 2022, over one thousand little students received comfortable schoolbags with school accessories sets, this year the project will cover almost 1,150 children. Last year, approximately three thousand persons received New Year and Christmas gifts from CPC, including people from socially vulnerable population.

CPC charity projects in culture traditionally receive a lot of positive feedback. In 2022 alone, 2.2 thousand children and teachers participated in the annual CPC to Talented Children festival-contest. It is becoming a good tradition for Novorossiysk to hold the Novorossiysk Chimes Festival of classical music, which attracts great attention from the city’s residents and guests. The construction of the Cultural and Aesthetic Center for Children and Youth in Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka is expected to become a momentous event in the cultural sphere. The design of the facility has virtually been completed.

One cannot help but recall how in March 2021, CPC handed over concert and stage equipment to the Maritime Cultural Center of Novorossiysk, including quickly erected and, importantly, wind-resistant stages and grandstands for city festivals. At the same time, the N.I. Sipyagin Palace of Children and Youth Creativity and the Kuban House of Culture, whose historic building, as it happens, was fully restored by CPC in 2018, received modern concert equipment.

In its operation business and charity activity, the international Consortium puts emphasis on the environmental protection. In 2022, together with the Utrish national part, CPC implemented the environmental education project, which became a part of the Let’s Save Our Environment program. In addition to environmental lessons for schoolchildren, the project provided for planting trees and bushes, acquisition of camera traps and creative contests on environmental topics. Last year, the Company helped the Municipality to increase the area of green spaces: the ecological park "Dubrava” in the village of Tsemdolina was improved. Coniferous and deciduous plants were planted on its territory, pedestrian paths were laid out, park equipment and installations, lighting and irrigation systems were installed. The cost of the project exceeded 22 million rubles.

Sports is definitely worth mentioning. For example, Novorossiysk received a major boost in the development of children's and youth sports thanks to CPC in 2018: the Children's Tennis Center and the Pobeda Archery Complex - the only such facility in the European part of Russia - were commissioned. Recent notable projects include holding the World Without Borders Spartakiade for disabled people and designing a children's and youth soccer stadium in the village of Vasilievka.

In 2022, CPC allocated over 130 million rubles towards charity in Novorossiysk. In total, this figure has reached an impressive 1.25 billion rubles over 20 years. This fruitful social and economic partnership between the Company and the City is developing dynamically, making the citizens’ life better and more comfortable. Having come to the region in its time, the international Consortium continues to live the interests of Novorossiysk residents and is happy to celebrate the anniversary of the hero-city together with them!