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Narimanov Schoolchildren Received Modern Sports and Recreation Center as a Gift

Sports and Recreation Center (SRC) constructed using the charity funds allocated by Caspian Pipeline Consortium under the Expansion Project became operational on November 12th in Narimanov, Astrakhan Oblast. This is the second SRC built using the Consortium’s funds in Narimanovsky District. Just as a reminder, the first Center was opened in Starokucherganovka a month before. In total CPC-R has allocated 60 million Rubles towards the construction of those facilities. 
Consortium General Director Nikolay Brunich, Astrakhan Oblast Governor Alexander Zhilkin, Regional Government members and Administration Heads of the Districts on which territories CPC-R operation facilities are located participated in the ceremony to open the sports facility.
Construction of the SRC with the total area of 1,400 sq. m started in November 2014, and already a year after a new modern sports and recreation center built in compliance with the current legislative requirements and standards opened its doors to local children. The center includes a large hall for team sports, a workout facility, rhythmic gymnastics hall, table tennis, etc. In addition, a medical room is provided. According to the design the territory adjacent to the Center was developed.
Nikolay Brunich noted that the Consortium was glad to have an opportunity of helping the local Administration in arranging physical culture and sports activities for the District communities and promote a healthy lifestyle amont the young.
– It is gratifying to realize that Narimanov schoolchildren now have all necessary conditions for training at a high professional level. I hope that future champions will be raised in these sports halls who will eventually become a credit not only to their District and Oblast, but also to the entire country, – added CPC General Director.
A-PS-5A, the Pump Station which is being constructed as part of the Consortium Expansion Project implementation, is located in Narimanovsky District, Astrakhan Oblast.
CPC pipeline system is one of the largest investment projects in the energy industry with participation of foreign capital on the CIS territory. The length of the pipeline connecting the oil fields in Western Kazakhstan with the Marine Terminal near Novorossiysk is 1,511 km. CPC Marine Terminal is equipped with single point moorings which allow for safe tanker lifting at a considerable distance from the shore, also when the weather conditions are unfavorable.
The Expansion Project includes rehabilitation of 5 existing and construction of 10 additional pump stations (2 in the Republic of Kazakhstan and 8 in the Russian Federation), six new storage tanks (100,000 cu.m each) in addition to the existing four near Novorossiysk and a third SPM at the CPC Marine Terminal, and also the replacement of an 88 km pipeline section in Kazakhstan with a larger diameter pipe. The total amount of the Project investments will be US$ 5.4 billion.
CPC Shareholders: Russian Federation (represented by Transneft – 24% and CPC Company – 7 %) – 31%; Republic of Kazakhstan (represented by KazMunayGaz  – 19% and Kazakhstan Pipeline Ventures LLC – 1.75%) – 20.75%; Chevron Caspian Pipeline Consortium Company - 15%, LUKARCO B.V. – 12.5%, Mobil Caspian Pipeline Company – 7.5%, Rosneft-Shell Caspian Ventures Limited – 7.5%, BG Overseas Holding Limited - 2%, Eni International N.A. N.V. - 2% и Oryx Caspian Pipeline LLC – 1.75%.