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The Project is designed to increase the trunk pipeline capacity

Volumes Loaded at CPC Marine Terminal in August 2017

At August 2017 end, 4,416,766 gross tons of crude oil (34,894,087 barrels) were loaded from the Marine Terminal of Caspian Pipeline Consortium (Yuzhnaya Ozereevka settlement, Krasnodar Krai), or 1,934,343 tons more than during the same period of the previous year.
Since the beginning of 2017 through to the end of August, 36,161,043 gross tons of crude oil (285,774,355 barrels) were loaded on 347 tankers, with 32,775,261 gross tons of crude oil being the oil of Kazakhstani Shippers, and 3,385,782 gross tons of crude oil - of Russian Shippers.
As a reminder, in this March a record was achieved of monthly loading from the Marine Terminal in the entire CPC history - 4.929.486 tons of crude oil (38,990,365 barrels) were loaded on tankers. It is expected to surpass this indicator in the fourth quarter when the volume of monthly lifting may, according to the available nominations, exceed 5 M tons.
Throughout the entire period since the completion of the construction and subsequent operation of the Marine Terminal, no violation of industrial and environmental safety have been committed, lifting has been accomplished without any oil spill incidents.
For reference:
Scheduled replacement of hoses of Single Point Moorings (SPM) is underway within the seawaters of CPC Marine Terminal (Yuzhnaya Ozereevka settlement, Krasnodar Krai). The work commenced in May 2017. That type of work has currently been completed at SPM-3. The work is in progress at SPM-2. Then the hoses at SPM-1 will also be replaced.
A specialized diver crew is engaged in the work, Marine Terminal auxiliary vessels are used. The service life of the SPM sub-sea and floating hoses, depending on the type and design, is 2- to 6 years, upon the expiry of the service life the hoses are subject to mandatory replacement.
The operations in progress are characterized by high labor input as each hose section weighs about 7 tons. There are in total 69 sections of hoses at each SPM.
The SPM hose replacement is scheduled to be completed in November 2017.
The work is aimed at ensuring reliable and safe operation of SPM and complying with the environmental and industrial safety standards ar the Consortium’s Marine Terminal facilities.