CPC guarantees efficient and environmentally safe movement of crude oil

The Project is designed to increase the trunk pipeline capacity

CPC supports health care institutions in Astrakhan Region fighting against COVID-19

20210125.jpgNikolay Gorban, CPC General Director, and Igor Babushkin, Astrakhan Region Governor, attended an official ceremony to deliver new artificial lung ventilation units to the region’s health care institutions in Astrakhan on 25 January 2021. Caspian Pipeline Consortium allocated around 50.5 million rubles to purchase the 57 artificial lung ventilation units.

The equipment, much in demand in the COVID-19 pandemic environment, was provided to seven health care institutions in the region. The Alexandro-Mariinskaya regional clinical hospital received 18 portable non-invasive artificial lung ventilation units, PRISMA VENT40. The Silischeva regional children's clinical hospital received two PURITAN BENETT 980 and ten PRISMA VENT40 units. The Nichogi regional infection clinical hospital was given 10 PRISMA VENT40’s. The Kirov city clinical hospital received 2 PURITAN BENNETT 980’s and six PRISMA VENT 40’s. The Akhtuba district hospital was given two PRISMA VENT40’s and one PURITAN BENNETT 980’s, the Krasnoyarsk district hospital - one PURITAN BENNETT 980 and one PRISMA VENT40, and the Narimanovskaya district hospital - three PRISMA VENT40’s and one PURITAN BENNETT 980.

PURITAN BENNETT 980’s are multi-purpose expert-class artificial lung ventilation units with a smart ventilation mode. With a maximum peak flow rate of at least 180 liters per minute, the equipment is well-reputed in providing respiratory support to COVID-19 patients.

The PRISMA VENT40 artificial lung ventilation unit is a non-invasive ventilation equipment type. This kind of equipment is recommended by the Russian health ministry for respiratory support of patients without intubation indications. PRISMA VENT40s are designed as a dual circuit system equipped with a fully-featured expiration valve and an air-tight mask, allowing them to be used not only in intensive care but also pulmonary departments.

In a working meeting, CPC General Director Nikolay Gorban and Regional Governor Igor Babushkin discussed issues related to partnership between the international company and region under a current Social & Economic Cooperation Agreement. The Consortium’s head confirmed CPC’s intention to maintain the charity program in the Astrakhan Region on a scale comparable with last year’s in 2021. CPC is expecting the regional administration’s proposals regarding projects and programs for this year in priority social areas, primarily in districts crossed by the mainline oil pipeline and hosting CPC’s site facilities.

As a reminder, the Consortium allocated around 112 million rubles for charity purposes in 2020, given the current epidemiological situation, the special focus being health care CPC allocated 73 million rubles to support. It should be added that CPC delivered another 17 artificial lung ventilation units to health care institutions in the Astrakhan Region earlier in 2018-2019.

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The CPC pipeline system is one of the largest investment projects with foreign capital in the energy sector in the CIS. The length of Tengiz-Novorossiysk pipeline is 1,511 km; more than two thirds of all export crude oil from Kazakhstan and crude oil from the Russian fields, including those in the Caspian Region, are transported by this route. CPC Marine Terminal is equipped with three Single Point Moorings (SPM) that allow to load tankers safely at a significant distance offshore, also in poor weather conditions.

CPC Shareholders: Russian Federation (represented by Transneft – 24% and CPC Company – 7%) – 31%; Republic of Kazakhstan (represented by Kazmunaygaz – 19% and Kazakhstan Pipeline Ventures LLC – 1.75%) – 20.75%; Chevron Caspian Pipeline Consortium Company - 15%, LUKARCO B.V. - 12.5%, Mobil Caspian Pipeline Company – 7.5%, Rosneft-Shell Caspian Ventures Limited – 7.5%, BG Overseas Holding Limited - 2%, Eni International N.A. N.V. - 2% and Oryx Caspian Pipeline LLC – 1.75%.