CPC guarantees efficient and environmentally safe movement of crude oil

The Project is designed to increase the trunk pipeline capacity


We would like to advise as follows in connection with false statements appearing in a number of media sources in the Republic of Kazakhstan and a number of Kazakh telegram channels with regard to causes of a temporary partial shutdown of the CPC Marine Terminal.

As per the annual maintenance and repair plan, CPC initiates shutdown of crude oil pumping through the pipeline at least twice a year.   Normally, duration of shutdowns is 72 hours since most recent lifting of a tanker (memo on the 2022 scheduled shutdown is attached.          


Within said period, CPC neither performs lifting of crude oil on tankers nor pumps/receives crude oil at the Tank Farm.       

CPC shippers align their production and lifting schedules at the Marine Terminal in accordance with scheduled shutdowns of the pipeline. 

The message dated April 12 states that CPC has not performed any operations since April 10 at the Novorossiysk port water area. In this regard, CPC facilities cannot be deemed sources of volatile organic compounds causing unpleasant odors (of petroleum, petroleum products, gas etc.) that the population of Novorossiysk municipality has complained about in social media and dispatching services.

We kindly ask that all potential stakeholders pay close attention to the above.

Performance of scheduled technical activities at the oil pipeline as planned, is not a cause of the local population complaints; nor does it include any political agenda as reported by certain Kazakh media obviously lacking a fact-checking system.

As previously, an update on the outcomes and scopes of scheduled shutdown will be provided at a later date.​