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Selection of Applications for the Second Round of the International Contest CPC for Talented Children 2023

Acceptance of applications for the Second Stage of the International Contest of children’s and youth’s art - CPC for Talented Children ended on 1 June 2023, and the jury proceeded to assessing the creative works. Participants of the first stage with 7 to 10 points as assessed by the jury could file their applications. The second round will determine the young artists, who will participate in face-to-face master classes in their regions and perform at regional gala concerts.

As per the filed applications, 9,609 representatives from Stavropol and Krasnodar Krai, Republic of Kalmykia and Astrakhan Oblast will participate in the second round.

On 30 June, the independent expert jury will complete the assessment of creative works. The names of the young artists who will have made it to the new stage will be published on the site:  https://ktk-talant.ru/ before 17 July.

It should be noted that this year, all contest participants have received an opportunity of participating in a series of face-to-face master classes conducted from 11 May to 1 June. Master classes were conducted by the Honored Artist of Russia Tatiana Sharova, theater and film actors Alexander Koltsov and Natalia Chernyavskaya, pianist Nikolay Kozhin, conductor Vyacheslav Valeev, masters of choreography Irina Dubakina, Ulyana Kostina, Anastasia Yarotskaya and Irina Ovechkina, choirmaster Valeria Polyakova, singers Marianna Savon and Dina Migdal, Margarita Zhirkova - corresponding member of International Academy of additional education, candidate of pedagogical sciences, director Maria Evseeva and other well-known cultural figures and teachers.

At the end of the distant second round of the International contest CPC for Talented Children, 2023 the third face-to-face stage awaits the finalists. It includes master classes, concerts of experts and regional gala concerts where the contest winners will be awarded. The International Uniting Cultural Forum -Moscow Meets Friends - will become the Festival fourth stage and highlight, with young performers - winners of the qualifying stages from Kazakhstan will join the Russian participants.

As a reminder: In 2023, the festival-contest CPC for Talented Children set a new record for the number of participants - over 19,000 participants filed their applications for the first stage. In 2023, the contest has seven categories: Choreography, Instrumental Performance, Vocal, Chorus, Theater, Social Video and Pedagogical Workshop.

The children's and youth's creativity contest CPC for Talented Children has been held for 25 years. This is a creative festival for young artists, linking the regions, developing folk traditions and filling the younger generation with the desire to make the best of their creative potential. You can keep up with contest news on the official website https://ktk-talant.ru/ and in the Vkontakte community http://vk.com/ktk_talant/ and Telegram https://t.me/ktk_talant.

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