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CPC held an environmental meeting in Novorossiysk

ecomeeting1.jpgOn December 13, 2023, a meeting on environmental protection was held in Novorossiysk, focusing on areas adjacent to the Caspian Pipeline Consortium’s (CPC) marine terminal, the city, and the Black Sea area. The event was organized by CPC in response to local residents' requests during the earlier roundtable discussion “Environmental Protection of the Port City", held on April 26, 2023.

The meeting brought together representatives of the city administration, CPC management and specialists, environmental activities, local residents, and media correspondents. Topics discussed included the results of monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the atmosphere near CPC's marine terminal, research findings on the water environment along the coast of Cape Abram, and other current issues related to ecological safety.

The director of the Novorossiysk Research and Education Marine Biological Center of the Kuban State University, Irina Matasova with a degree in geology and mineralogy, presented the results of studies of the ecosystem of the Black Sea in the vicinity of the CPC marine terminal, carried out from September 2021 to March 2022, as well as the results of production environmental monitoring of sea water for 2022-2023. It was noted that the flora and fauna of the studied rea, in terms of its qualitative and quantitative composition, is typical for the corresponding depths and soil composition, has typical characteristics for the corresponding seasons. The pollution of sediments and bottom deposits with oil products in the study area does not exceed 50 mg/km.

Timofey Barabashin, head of the scientific direction of the Azov-Black Sea Branch of FGBUN VNIRO, with a degree in biology, acquainted the audience with the long-term dynamics of the state of pollution of marine water with oil products and the state of bottom deposits on the shelf of the northeastern part of the Black Sea, as well as current methods for detecting oil spills.

During her presentation, the environmental manager of CPC-R, Arinal Nikolaeva with a degree in geography, detailed the progress of the Plan of Measures for Reducing Atmospheric Emissions during Oil Loading at the CPC Marine Terminal, She also discussed the results of scientific research and ongoing initiatives, such as reducing tanker loading rates during unfavorable weather conditions and monitoring sulfur compounds and hydrogen sulfide levels on board loading vessels.ecomeeting2.jpg

During inspections, any vessels found to be in violation of emission standards are not permitted to load. Additionally, vessels that consistently generate numerous complaints from the local public about unpleasant odors are subjected to additional atmospheric monitoring in their tanks. 

Participants raised several questions during the meeting, which were answered comprehensively by the experts. The dialog was conducted in a positive and transparent manner in line with CPC’s commitment to environmental protection.

For information:

CPC Pipeline System is one of the major investment projects with foreign capital in energy sector in the CIS. The length of the Tengiz – Novorossiysk pipeline is 1,511 km. This route transports over two-thirds of all Kazakhstan export crude, as well as crude from Russian oil fields, including those in the Caspian Region. CPC Marine Terminal is equipped with three Single Point Moorings (SPM) that allow to load tankers safely at a significant distance offshore, also amid poor weather conditions.

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