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Automatic fire suppression system successfully tested at A-PS-3A being built in Kazakhstan

Water and foam fire suppression systems were tested on 20 July 2017 at A-PS-3A in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This pump station is being built as part of the Expansion Project of the CPC pipeline system throughput.
In the course of the testing the CPC specialists checked efficiency of the equipment and process flow diagrams of the water and foam fire suppression systems. The fire suppression system monitoring and control systems were calibrated, operation of fire detectors, light and sound alarms, fire pump house were checked.
As per the Expansion Project work performance schedule such tests of the automatic fire suppression system are conducted prior to filling the process piping and tanks with crude oil and oil products. Therefore the emergency and firefighting systems of a fire hazardous facility were checked for their readiness to operate under possible emergency conditions.
“The automatic fire suppression system was tested by the CPC Operations and the CPC Expansion Project personnel, as well as by construction contractors. The testing was conducted in two stages: with fire simulation in automatic mode and with manual activation of the system.  Water was supplied to the mainline pump house through foam lines of the foam firefighting system. Foam was supplied through exposed foam generators. The test results allowed to verify actual parameters of the fire suppression system operation (response time of the system, foaming agent and water consumption, foam expansion factor) and their compliance with design, sufficiency of water reserves and foaming agents stock”, noted Pavel Feklistov, Engineer, CD, ER, OSR and Fire Safety, Eastern Region, CPC-K.