CPC guarantees efficient and environmentally safe movement of crude oil

The Project is designed to increase the trunk pipeline capacity


  • 20 июня 2024CPC Participated in the 22nd IAOT Governing Board Session in Almaty

    The 22nd Session of the Governing Board with the Meeting authorities of the International Association of Oil Transporters (IAOT) was held in Almaty (Republic of Kazakhstan) on 20 June 2024. CPC General Director Nikolay Gorban participated in the function.

Cooperation between CPC and Krasnodar Krai continues

On 3-5 December General Director of Caspian Pipeline Consortium made a working visit to the Krasnodar Krai.

Meeting to discuss Expansion held in Kazakhstan oil & gas ministry

Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Minister Uzakbay Karabalin on November 28 held a working meeting attended by CPC Management, Transneft, KMG and Chevron.

CPC-R Board and CPC-K Shareholders Meetings Held

CPC-R Board and CPC-K Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting were held in Moscow on November 26.

CPC General Director Visits Expansion Sites in Russia

CPC General Director Nikolai Brunich made a business tour of the CPC Central and Western Regions on November 20-22.

CPC General Director Inspects Expansion Project facilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Nikolay Brunich, Caspian Pipeline Consortium General Director, made an inspection visit to the Republic of Kazakhstan on November 13-15.

Fluorography will become more accessible in Astrakhan villages

CPC General Director Nikolai Brunich made a business trip to the CPC Pipeline System Central Region on October 30.

CPC and Astrakhan Oblast MD of Russia MChS Conducted a Joint Drill

On October 30th Caspian Pipeline Consortium together with the Astrakhan Oblast Main Department of Russia MChS conducted an oil spill response drill in Yenotaevsky District, Astrakhan Oblast, at KP 572 of Tengiz-Novorossiysk trunk crude pipeline.

CPC and Siemens AG Cooperation Continues

CPC General Director Nikolai Brunich travelling with a Transneft delegation visited Munich on October 22 to meet with the CEO of Siemens AG Joe Kaeser who headed the German concern back in August.

CPC Pipeline Restarted After a Scheduled Shutdown

On September 24 the CPC Pipeline started a scheduled 72-hour shutdown to replace some leaking valves and tie in some additional equipment as part of its Expansion project.

CPC Management Bodies Discussed Current Business Issues

Extraordinary General Meetings of the CPC-R and CPC-K Shareholders, as well as the CPC-R Board of Directors meeting were held on 17-18 September in Almaty.

CPC Builds Up Shipment Volumes


CPC General Director Visited the Republic of Kazakhstan

Nikolay Brunich, General Director of Caspian Pipeline Consortium, visited the Eastern Region of Tengiz-Novorossiysk pipeline route on July 23-25.

CPC and Kalmykia Develop Cooperation

Nikolay Brunich, General Director of Caspian Pipeline Consortium, paid a business visit to the Republic of Kalmykia on July 15-.

CPC General Director Inspected the Expansion Facilities

Within the framework of his business trip made from July 2 through July 4, Nikolay Brunich, General Director of Caspian Pipeline Consortium, visited the Central and Western Regions traversed by Tengiz-Novorossiysk Trunk Pipeline, and also the Marine Terminal.

Caspian Pipeline Consortium Loaded 3000th Tanker

The 3,000th tanker has been loaded at the Marine Terminal of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium in Novorossiysk since the start of operations.

On Annual General Meetings of CPC-R and CPC-K

CPC-R and CPC-K Annual General Meetings, as well as CPC-R Board Meeting were held in London on May 21-23.

CPC-R Board and CPC-K Shareholder Meetings

Caspian Pipeline Consortium-R Board and Caspian Pipeline Consortium-K General Shareholders Meetings were held on April 25.

CPC General Director visited Central and Eastern Regions

CPC General Director Nikolai Brunich made a business tour of the CPC Central and Eastern Regions on April 7-12.

CPC Operates In Accordance with High International Standards

Caspian Pipeline Consortium was successfully re-certified in ОНSAS 18001:2007 standard and also confirmed the efficiency of ISO 14001:2004 standard requirements in environmental management. This fact is supported by a report issued by international organization called BSI (British Standards Institution) on the basis of an audit.

CPC General Director’s Visit to the Regions

On March 25-27 Nikolay Brunich, Caspian Pipeline Consortium General Director, made his first on-the-spot visit to the regions crossed by the crude pipeline route.

CPC and Astrakhan Oblast Develop Cooperation

On March 13-15, 2013 Caspian Pipeline Consortium delegation headed by A. Khardykin, Deputy General Director, RF Government Relations, paid a working visit to Astrakhan Oblast which territory is crossed by Tengiz-Novorossiysk trunk crude pipeline. In the course of the visit Astrakhan PS which is being reconstructed under the CPC Expansion Project and construction sites of A-PS-4A and A-PS-5A were inspected.

Nikolay Brunich is elected General Director of Caspian Pipeline Consortium

Nikolay Brunich was elected General Director of CPC-R/K at the CPC-R Board Meeting and CPC-K Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting of CPC-K held on February 27, 2013. Mr. Brunich was nominated by Transneft that represents the Russian Government Shareholder. Nikolay Platonov who has been CPC General Director since November 2010, is to resume his employment with Transneft.

CPC Signs Facility Agreement

On January 15, the Facility Agreement approved by the Caspian Pipeline Consortium shareholders was signed in London between a group of banks and the Company.

2012 CPC Annual Results

2012 was a complex and busy year for Caspian Pipeline Consortium.